Hands Off! This May Be Love:
God's Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships

Gila's first book for a general audience!

Touch is one of the most powerful forces in human relationships. When two people get physically involved, the walls between them come down, leaving them with glowing sensations of warmth and trust toward each other—and it feels great. God created this reality to help cement the husband-wife bond. But what happens when two people start touching when they're just dating? A rose-colored cloud descends, in which that skin-to-skin contact is often mistaken for a heart-to-heart connection. And then the trouble begins: Objectivity dive-bombs, delusions of intimacy take over, and the result can be a broken heart and a lot of unwanted memories.

Basing itself on traditional Jewish wisdom, Hands Off! This May Be Love proposes an old/new approach to dating: "cherishing touch"—holding off on all physical contact in premarital relationships. Radical? You bet. Doable? Absolutely—this is how modern, observant Jews date today. Worth it? Unbelievably so—probably nothing can work greater wonders in helping you achieve true love.

Have you seen enough of the secular male–female scene to be willing to try something different? Do you want to keep your head on straight in your next relationship and end up with the real thing? If so, you're ready to be challenged by Hands Off! This May Be Love.

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Filled with ancient wisdom and modern humor, this groundbreaking book provides insights into succeeding at love that have never been heard. Those who are smart enough to take Gila Manolson's advice to heart will surely reap many rewards. For this book, young people and their parents owe the author an enormous debt.
Miriam Grossman, MD – Author of Unprotected and You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?
Gila Manolson’s book, Hands Off! This May Be Love, is one of the best and most needed books we’ve read in a long time. It should be required reading in high schools! She eloquently describes the importance of not only honoring and respecting the opposite sex but also honoring and respecting yourself enough to wait before you build those powerful connections brought through touch. These truths can be utilized in every relationship including the workplace. We highly recommend this book for youth leaders in churches. Thanks for a marvelous read!
Pastors Mark and Vicki Biltz, Tacoma, WA
This book is important, bold, and to some, even controversial. The principles presented are sound and hold the potential to turn the cultural tide. They address one of the greatest needs in our time and present a worthy challenge to the current generation. The future is literally in the balance teetering between moral depravity and purity. Read this book and share it with someone who needs to hear its truth.
Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes – Covenant Church, Dallas, TX
What a refreshing reconsideration of dating.... The advice given in this book is practical, reasonable and enlightening. It helps the reader understand why it is so easy for kids to end up in sexual trouble before they realize what is happening. It can also help parents set guidelines that will assist a young person in making good mature decisions. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to raise morally pure young people!
A deeply insghtful, honest and well-stated treatise... engaging, and enjoyable to read.
As a Christian, I found this book to be incredibly enlightening.... Every young person who is of dating age needs to read this (and older ones too)... And parents who want their children to have the joy of finding their soul mate and actually staying married to them.
This book tells the truth where the truth is rare. In a very positive manner, the power of touch in male-female relations, and the power of "cherishing touch" and saving it for marriage is explained. For those who have made mistakes in the past there is hope, and for those who are already living this way, they will be assured that they are not alone and their resolve will be strengthened. Read this book!

I've read a lot of books on marriage and courtship but nothing compares to this... There is no substitute for ancient Jewish wisdom and this author extrapolated that wisdom beautifully. I am recommending this to all my friends. Thank you for writing such an amazing book!

So many people think that because they once had "chemistry" with someone, it means they actually have a relationship. For this reason, the book Hands Off! This May Be Love is one of the resources I recommend to every person with whom I speak. Ms. Manolson delves into that "chemistry", and explains in layman's terms the science behind it, what it means and what it doesn't mean. The book isn't "preachy" at all - just a lot of facts and common sense that should lead a thoughtful person to a reasoned conclusion. ... Hands Off! This May Be Love is one of the best resources for those starting out or starting over.

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