Head to Heart

Marriage always entails surprises. This book was written to help you experience more delightful ones and fewer rude awakenings.

Increasingly, relationships aren't working out as they should. Many people "fall in love" and marry with no real idea of what love and marriage are. Others are led heart-first into difficult relationships, sometimes with abusive partners, by forces they're not even conscious of. Fortunately, you can avoid most of these troubles if you approach dating and marriage as you would any other major undertaking: with preparation. Take some of the energy you put into planning your wedding, and use it to prepare yourself emotionally and spiritually for marriage. And don't start three months before the wedding (or after), but now.

Head to Heart: What to Know before Dating and Marriage is a series of essays designed to help you be ready for the real thing. Chapters include:

Growing Yourself — doing the work necessary to be a great spouse
Behind the "Click" — a fascinating understanding of "chemistry"
Love and Marriage — defining what you're working towards
Affirming Womanhood — a Jewish look at femininity and feminism
Leading with Your Head — practical advice to make dating work for you Steering Clear of Abuse — how to avoid marrying an abusive person
An Ounce of Prevention — the importance of having a Jewish prenuptial agreement

Head to Heart will help you use your singlehood intelligently, making you more likely to end up in a rewarding, lifelong relationship.

Gila Manolson articulates time-tested wisdom regarding relationships and offers contemporary insights into this complex and challenging area of life. A highly readable and informative work, Head to Heart will leave an indelible impression on thousands of lives.
Tziporah Heller, author and educator, Neve Yerushalayim, Jerusalem
Head to Heart expresses the passion for truth and piercing insight [Gila Manolson] is famous for, presented in her clear, candid style.
Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Yeshivat Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem
Chock full of Torah wisdom and psychological breakthroughs, as well as the hard-earned pragmatic tool of learned insight, Head to Heart speaks directly to a generation finding marriage an increasingly elusive goal…. Head to Heart speaks to the single Jew in a tone free of condescension. The author demonstrates her desire to share her acquired wisdom with a voice of compassion, concern and respect.
Bayla S. Brenner, Jewish Action

Head to Heart has been translated into French, Russian and Portuguese.

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