Our community loved hearing you. Many people said they had never heard the perspective you brought and they gained so much from it.  

Your incredible thoughts, words and stories were a tremendous inspiration. 

Your presentations were excellent. Your charisma, humor and breadth of knowledge made everyone so comfortable. 

Once again you enlightened and entertained our students with your thought-provoking lecture. Thank God young women are listening and changing. Hollywood, beware of Gila Manolson! 

You were the best speaker our school has ever had. 

NOTE: Topics can be adapted for different ages and levels of religiosity.

Talks may not be recorded, videoed or livestreamed without advance permission.

Affirming Womanhood

Understanding the cosmic role of women. For teenage girls and women. 

The Curse of Eve: Leveling the Playing Field in Intimate Relationships

How women are disadvantaged in intimate relationships due to Eve's sin and the subsequent curse “and he [your husband] shall rule over you," and how the Jewish observances of tzniut (modesty/internality), taharat hamishpacha (the family purity laws), and onah (the husband's intimate obligations to his wife) can help rectify the situation. For non-religious women. 

Finding Yourself in the Crowd: Judaism and Individuality

Being yourself, despite social pressures to conform to one ideal or another, and appreciating others for who they are. Includes both sources and stories. For teenagers and adults.

Head to Heart: A Smart Approach to Relationships

The basic tenets of Jewish dating: being marriage-minded, meeting through an intermediary, and highlights about being shomer negiah (not touching before marriage). For non-religious singles. (For religious teenagers and singles: Head to Heart: The Wisdom in Jewish Relationships. For parents: Head to Heart: Helping Your Teenager Have a Smart Relationship.)

Healthy Teen Esteem

Even very religious kids may find socializing with the opposite gender hard to resist. This talk discusses why doing so isn't beneficial for either gender, and why genuine self-esteem is likely to flourish far better without it. For teenagers from very religious homes. 

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground: Realistic Expectations of Love and Marriage

Understanding what love and marriage are all about, and how to succeed in them. For singles. (For marrieds: Looking Again: Realistic Expectations of Love and Marriage.)

The Magic Touch: A Jewish Approach to Relationships 

A full, practical argument for being shomer negiah (not touching before marriage). For teenagers and singles. (For parents:  "But It’s What Everyone’s Doing!”: Talking to Your Teenager about Negiah.) 

Outside/Inside: A Fresh Look at Tzniut

A refreshing approach to a life-defining topic: internal self-definition or modesty. For religious teenagers (including middle schoolers) and women. (For non-religious girls, as well as religious girls who don't want another lecture on tzniut(!): Who Am I? Self-Definition in Judaism. For non-religious women: Outside/Inside: Sexuality, Spirituality and Self-Definition in Judaism. For religious mothers: "But It's What Everyone's Wearing!" Talking to Your Teenage Daughter about Tzniut.)

Playing It Safe: Negotiating Male-Female Relationships Outside of the Home

How to erect the appropriate boundaries with opposite-gender acquaintances and coworkers through the laws of  yichud (seclusion), negiah (touch), and tzniut (modesty/internality), as well as general reserve, in order to preserve and strengthen your marriage or future marriage. For teenagers and adults. 

Staying Strong in Torah

How to combat secular influence, increase our love of Torah, and think independently in order to be the Jews we are meant to be. For teenage girls. (For parents: Raising Today's Religious Teenage Girl.)

Additional topics are possible upon request, with substantial notice.