Gila was a huge hit! With a gentle presence and humor, she delivered God's truth in such a relevant way that everyone agreed with her and left feeling like they had a plan for the future, yet no guilt! If in doubt about this topic, jump in and take a chance. The reward will be a blessing to all who hear Gila and her message. She is a rare gift from God.

Pastor Nancy Cole, New Beginnings Church, Bedford, TX



Gila Manolson is a catalyst for social change! Her warmth, honesty and humor instantly connected with our hearts as she led us on a journey of insight into ancient wisdom that really works in the modern world. It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone was provoked, energized and engaged after her presentation. What a treasure!

Pastor Charles Stock, Life Center Ministries International, Harrisburg, PA


NOTE: Topics can be adapted for different ages and levels of religiosity. 

Talks may not be recorded, videoed or livestreamed without advance permission.

Affirming Womanhood

Understanding the cosmic role of women. For teenage girls and women. 

Hands Off! This May Be Love: God's Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships

A full, practical argument for "cherishing touch"—not getting physical before marriage. For teenagers and singles. (For parents:  "But It’s What Everyone’s Doing!”: Talking to Your Teenager about Getting Physical.

Head to Heart: A Smart Approach to Relationships

The basic tenets of sane dating: being marriage-minded, meeting through an intermediary, and highlights about "cherishing touch"—not getting physical before marriage. For singles. (For parents: Head to Heart: Helping Your Teenager Have a Smart Relationship.)

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground: Realistic Expectations of Love and Marriage

Understanding what love and marriage are all about, and how to succeed in them. For singles. (For marrieds: Looking Again: Realistic Expectations of Love and Marriage.)

Outside/Inside: A Fresh Look at Modesty

A refreshing approach to a life-defining topic: internal self-definition through modesty. For teenagers and women. (For pre-teens: Who Am I? Defining Yourself Internally through Modesty. For mothers: "But It's What Everyone's Wearing!" Talking to Your Daughter about Modesty.)

Playing It Safe: Negotiating Male-Female Relationships Outside of the Home

How to erect the appropriate boundaries with opposite-gender acquaintances and coworkers in order to preserve and strengthen your marriage or future marriage. For teenagers and adults. 


Additional topics are possible upon request, with substantial notice.