After years of advising and counseling individuals from teens through adults, Gila became an accredited Life Coach through the Jerusalem Coaching Institute, where she studied privately and in a small group with Dr. Leah Gnewisch, Ph.D., a member of the ICC (Israel Coaching Community).

Gila is always meeting wonderful people who are struggling with some obstacle to their happiness: teenagers experiencing self-esteem issues, young men and women seemingly unable to find the right person or get into a healthy relationship, college graduates having difficulty deciding what to do with their lives, husbands or wives dealing with marital issues, newly (or not so newly) religious individuals encountering difficulties in their spiritual growth. Gila is passionate about helping people overcome these and other hurdles to find satisfaction, happiness and success. Her mission is to help her clients discover their hidden strengths, expand their self-concept, and acquire the self-confidence necessary to achieve their goals, while being true to their values and their authentic selves.

If you may be interested in coaching, whether in person or via Skype or phone, please contact Gila through the Contact page.

Working with Gila was a life-changing experience. With her help, I was able to let go of unhelpful behaviors, forgive myself for past mistakes, identify and articulate my strengths, and appreciate my accomplishments. We built and celebrated small successes until, after only five sessions, I had reached my goals. It was an incredible journey, one in which I learned to fully like and respect myself and achieve the future I want.
R.G., Jerusalem
My sessions with Gila left me rejuvenated, motivated, and confident. I love her approach: it's comfortable but formal, deep but easy to internalize, and inspirational but concrete and realistic. After only five sessions, I feel better equipped to deal with the highs and lows of life, and have a clearer picture of who I am and where I want to be.
J.B., Chicago and Jerusalem
While working with Gila, I completed a "40-day challenge" in assertiveness for the first time in my life. In every session, Gila offered structure, compassion, and insight when they were needed. Thanks to the confidence she helped me gain, I anticipate achieving many more such triumphs.
M.G., Wayne NJ and Jerusalem
Gila helped me for several months while I was going through a very difficult time. She was always there for me--professional, yet also caring and sensitive. She kept me focused and helped me work through my problems one by one. I highly recommend her.
L.P., Katzrin, Israel
Gila helped me gain valuable insights into my own nature, enabling me to appreciate my strengths, abilities and accomplishments. She encouraged me to reach beyond my self-imposed limitations and to explore what I truly want to achieve in my life. Thanks to Gila’s guidance and encouragement I’m on the road to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
C. R., Jerusalem